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Building Construction

C5 Construction Ltd.

C5 Construction Ltd offers comprehensive civil and structural engineering services, covering a wide range of projects from buildings to roads.

We specialize in constructing residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, ensuring high-quality standards upheld by our experienced team of builders, architects, and structural engineers.

Our services extend to design and development, including plan interpretation, evaluation, and quantification tailored to our clients’ needs. We also enhance project aesthetics through landscaping and environmental management.

Projects undertaken by C5 Construction Ltd include schools, universities, libraries, estates, shopping malls, civic centers, barracks, erosion and dust control,sewage disposal systems, piling, borehole drilling, landscaping, and horticultural designs.

Road and Bridge Construction

C5 Construction Ltd brings extensive experience in Civil Engineering Design, offering a complete suite of services for site development and infrastructure projects. Our expertise encompasses design for roads, bridges, parking, grading, storm drainage, retention, water, and wastewater site development. 

All construction activities adhere to meticulous design and quality control specifications in electrical, mechanical, material, and instrumentation engineering. Our accomplished professional team ensures the successful operation of C5 Construction Ltd in this sector. 

Additionally, we specialize in comprehensive erosion control and drainage services.