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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering / Instrumentation

We offer a diverse array of electrical engineering services covering design and installation for both domestic and industrial buildings. Our expertise extends to wire works, industrial and domestic cooling 

systems, air-conditioning, refrigeration, and cold rooms. Additionally, our team provides cutting-edge electrical and electronic appliances such as UPS systems, acoustic finishing, and networking solutions. 

C5 Construction Ltd actively participates in the power sector, engaging in power generation, transmission, distribution, trading, and provision of energy and power services. 

In mechanical engineering and construction, we specialize in plant installation and upgrades, including additions, modifications, and maintenance. Our fabrication services encompass overhead shop cranes, spool piping, production skids, manifolds, and structural items like small decks and boat landings. 

Plant installation and UpgradeMechanical Engineering and Construction

This includes plant additions, modifications, upgrades and

  1. Industrial Processes and Installations
  2. Electronic, Lighting and Building Installation

Power Systems Design and Construction Management

  •  Medium and low voltage distribution systems for urban and rural areas
  • Electrification of low-income areas

Lighting Systems Design and Construction management

  • Road lighting
  • Area lighting 
  • Lighting of sport fields

Industrial Installations

  • A comprehensive and integrated electrical, instrumentation and control service is available for industrial process plants, specialising in Sugar and Chemical Industries.

Electrical Engineering Installation

  • Power factor correction
  • UPS systems and special power supplies 
  • Installation earthing 
  • Surge and Lighting protection