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About Us

C5 Construction Ltd.

C5 Construction Ltd was established to boost industrialization across African nations.

As a homegrown company, we specialize in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Dredging Operations, Power boreholes, Electrical Engineering, Supplies, General Contracting, and Maintenance services. 

Our growth and expansion have equipped us to undertake Engineering Construction projects with global standards. 

At C5 Construction Ltd, we prioritize construction technology and strive for excellence in every project. Our mission is simple: maintain trust with our clients through honesty, quality, and integrity. We’re driven by self-motivation and practicality. 


  • To deliver unrivalled quality services that will yield optimal value at the least cost.
  • To provide the best professional and consultancy services to our clients.
  • To avoid injury to workers, sub-contractors and third parties during the cause of our construction activities.
  • To minimize environmental impact at our construction sites.
  • To work in harmony with the host communities to promote a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship that will foster long-term cooperation and understanding between C5 CONSTRUCTION Ltd, our clients and the host community.


  • Our vision is to highlight some technical issues in the engineering, construction, and supply industries and address the gaps in the growth of the industries and our economy generally.

Growth Expectation

We are focused and consistent in terms of our vision, commitment and efficient service delivery.

At C5 Construction Ltd, we’re dedicated and unwavering in our vision and commitment to efficient service. 

Our reputation precedes us for delivering top-notch quality work that consistently surpasses our clients’ expectations. Our renown spans across the nation. 

Focusing on the Nigerian market, we aim to expand our presence and capitalize on its vast potential for infrastructural development. We’ve devised effective strategies to seize this challenging opportunity. 

Quality Objectives
  • Maintain ISO 9001 compliance for consistent, reliable services.
  • Improve performance, adhere to timelines, and ensure durability.
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and environmental sustainability.
  • Foster positive relationships with host communities.


Engineering Design / Construction

From conceptualization to execution, our expert team ensures precision and innovation in every project.

Electrical / Mechanical Engineering

Harness the power of seamless integration with C5 Construction Ltd's Electrical and Mechanical Engineering services.

Project Management Consultancy

Navigating project complexities, from inception to completion, ensuring time, budgets, & quality targets are met.

Solar Energy

Empowering communities with sustainable energy and smart solar solutions.