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ServicesFull range of Engineering capabilities

Delivering an unrivaled quality of services that will yield optimal value at the least cost.

We provide a full range of Professional Civil/Structural Engineering, Buildings, Roads construction, Design, and consultancy services covering multiple engineering Projects Facilities Management, Landscape, Planning, Development, Designs and maintenance.

FAQWe have assembled the best team to work with you

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. C5 Construction Ltd maintains stringent quality control measures at every stage of the project lifecycle.

We adhere to industry-leading safety protocols, conduct regular training sessions, and implement the latest safety technologies.

Absolutely. C5 Construction Ltd is dedicated to environmentally responsible construction practices. We integrate sustainable design principles, source eco-friendly materials, and implement energy-efficient solutions in our projects.

ServicesMainline of business
and services from the company

Engineering Design / Construction

From conceptualization to execution, our expert team ensures precision and innovation in every project.

Electrical / Mechanical Engineering

Harness the power of seamless integration with C5 Construction Ltd's Electrical and Mechanical Engineering services.

Project Management Consultancy

Navigating the complexities of projects, from inception to completion, ensuring time, budgets, and quality targets are met.

Solar Energy

Extend the lifespan of your infrastructure with C5 Construction Ltd's Maintenance services. Prioritizing our partnerships.